Q1 Continues

Is anyone else a little bit in denial about that fact that we’re already well into the final month of Q1?  I can already hear 2016 calling.

Women who wine
Now that I have totally gotten ahead of myself, let’s go back.  Friday, way back in February, saw the latest Women in Wine luncheon, this time held at Tor’s HQ in North Point.  Victoria Wines,  Tor’s wine company, has an incredible space, newly kitted out with a large kitchen so she graciously cooked the mess of us a lunch feast.

We started with my wine, Chateau de Miery Cremant from the Jura to go with bacon and spinach stuffed, mozarella smothered, mushrooms.  The cremant is absolute value (from Ginsberg+Chan) at $195.  It’s full of apple & vanilla but also a really cool white pepper note that sets it apart from other traditional method sparkling wines.


Next Fifi (Golden Gate) generously shared one of her favorite wines from her private collection, 1996 Vina Tondonia from Lopez de Heredia.  This is one of my absolute favorite producers and this just further proof of why- “dusty bees lanolin.”  In all of the best ways possible.IMG_9931[1]

We also had a 2011 Ponts des Arts Meursault from Polly (full body and flavored, a deliciously typical Meursault) and Chateauneuf du Pape from Clos L’Orator (Tor) before moving on to the reds.


Highlights include, big and so California 2012 Etude Pinot, 2012 Peyton & Jones Pinot from Simone– love love love this producer and everything they do!-, Tohu Limited Release Pinot from Betsy , 2012 Pasqua Valpolicella, & my favorite, 1985 Lopez de Heredia Vina Tondonia from Francesca (sourced from G+C!).

Come 6pm lunch was well devoured but luckily it meant the beginning of cheese.  So much cheese.  And wine.  And lovely wine women.

I had to run out for a birthday party so I stumbled out and made my way to Fatty Crab for a tasty rose and a quick birthday hi.  Happy birthday Thao!


And finally made it home by 9pm to cuddle up to some fried chicken noodles (have I mentioned how much I love living in Sai Ying Pun!?) and Flying Winemaker dvds.

$41 take away at 9pm. ❤ SYP
Twas an overly generous and wine soaked Friday.  Just the way it should be.


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