Kimchee Love & Other CA Musings

This afternoon after a rather frustrating zoom with spotty reception, and series of failed dinner options, I ultimately drew success at Soo Yuan. Warm wanton soup spoke to me in a way shredded generic meat covered in a latex yellow schmear of cheese never could. Listen to your heart my friends, for this was the … Continue reading Kimchee Love & Other CA Musings

Like Hunting, Like Wine

Natirar Park Like all roads lead some to Rome, my roads always seem to lead me to Gladstone. This is where I grew up, and where I default to between moves (DC->Seoul / Hong Kong-> New York) as a practical reset before the next best thing. After a failed attempt at working harvest in Napa, … Continue reading Like Hunting, Like Wine


Shockingly, in the midst of travel hysteria, my entire process of getting to Bangkok was probably one of the most pleasant travel experiences I have had to date. In hindsight, it's precisely for just that reason. After my initial budget flight on China Eastern got canceled, I had to re-book on Etihad, which was nothing … Continue reading BKK