So good! Bayta 252 Hollywood Road Post Master of Wine intro course and the 2 MWs + 13 or so potential students head over to Bayta, the latest resto from the guys and gals behind La Cabane. Shyntia of La Cabane very kindly chose a "pet nat" which, apparently, is quite popular in the US … Continue reading Bayta

You Yuan Xiao Xu

Because free flow dim sum and Champagne wasn't enough (Duddell's), Andy, Michael, Amy, and JonJon and I head to the dark side for a massive meal of dan dan mian, lamb dumplings, and Tsing Tao.  If you haven't had Shanxi food you're missing out: CLICK FOR PHOTOS You Yuan Xiao Xu Man Yiu Building 36 … Continue reading You Yuan Xiao Xu