Champagne, Burgers, & Bordeaux

Only a couple of weeks in and I’ve already fallen horribly behind on keeping this blog timely.  That’s all about to change, my friends.

Mandy & Pomerol

March 4th we had our first BIG event of the year at Ginsberg+Chan; Burgers & Bordeaux: An Insider’s Look at Pomerol with Neal Martin.  Neal is currently in line to be the next Robert Parker, which poses the question, will there be a next Robert Parker?  In the digital get-info-from-any-and-every-where-whenever-you-need age the thought of one wine voice is outdated.  So what will Neal’s role be?  It will be interesting to watch this year’s en primeur to see just how heavy his opinions weigh.

Dissecting the selection

I digress.  The event at hand celebrated not only Neal but also his book “Pomerol”, wine wines therefrom, and naturally, burgers.  We started with a 2001 Chateau Le Bon Pasteur which was absolutely fantastic.  This and the 1983 Trot were the only 2 wines we didn’t double decant, and it clearly didn’t need it.  Aromatic and pretty!  Violets, fruit leather, spice, dusty violets, and hints of animal, this was still quite tannic and absolutely a joy to drink!

the leftovers which were even better 1 & 2 days later

The 1983 Chateau Trotanoy was supposed to be the first wine tasted but we all felt it was a bit (waaaay) past its best.  Neal commented that he never thought it was good- 1983 being a sub par vintage and Trot not hitting it’s stride until several years later- so it was replaced with a stunning 2002 Chateau L’Evangile.

40 people on hand including the Happy Wine Woman

Also tasted, and mucho enjoyed:

2006 Chateau Le Gay- strawberries & energy


2009 Chateau Certan de May- huge potential

burgers a la Umami Concepts

2005 Chateau Lafleur Pensees da Fleur- my least favorite in the beginning, but it opened up beautifully.  One to revisit in 5 years

2005 Chateau Clinet- my wine of the night…s….brought the leftovers home and enjoyed it the next evening with my Kindle- wow- super long and filled with cedar, leather, truffle, licorice, vanilla, sweet red fruit.  Luscious yet balanced, complex, and soooo long. Long. Long. Long. ❤ bdx

my new fav

My huge take away from this was “how awesome is Bordeaux!?”  Despite being Right Bank focused where serious  attention has just recently been paid, these wines were amazing representations of the age-ability and enjoy-ability of this oft over hyped (in my mind) region.  There’s a reason why Bordeaux has the reputation it does.  They make good f#*)#^ wine. Fact.

G+C rep: Jay, Mandy, Neal, me, Vivian, Max, Brigid

Earlier that very same week I attended my first OCC event.  Held at Flutes on Elgin, we enjoyed a sampling of Champagnes from the usually skipped over 2003 vintage.


Twas a nice showing and definitely was clear that 2003 was hot hot hot.  Big ripe fruit with bold flavors, it’s a vintage that Champagne tries to forget…or at least consume soon so we can all forget.

More wine coming soon…


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