Is It Summer Yet?

Friday I joined the Flying Winemaker for their monthly Top 12.  This month’s theme was Women in Wine which I felt was a wonderful nod to the minority of women who are out there making wine.  Eddie, the Flying Winemaker himself, was on hand to field questions and explain why these 10 wines from women winemakers, 1 wine from a woman domaine owner, and 1 wine from a winery that supports women’s causes (Mr. Riggs) were chosen.

I thought all of the wines showed really well, especially a lovely Grenache from Mas Martinet from Priorat.  The most interesting of the lot was a 2011 Grace Vineyard Tasya’s Chardonnay from Shan Xi China.  I’ve had my share of Chinese wine, most of which is barely palatable, but this was quite a surprise.


I didn’t care for the nose as there was a lurking petrol/chemical/rubber note that slightly offended, but on the palate it was a totally different story.  Full bodied from generous (perhaps a touch too generous) new oak with notes of cream and tropical fruit.  Tasted blind I surely would have thought this was a New World Charddy; certainly not one of Chinese decent.

While I’m drinking Chinese wine my bosses were sipping on some Leroy. Domaine only.

 My favorite of the evening, surprisingly (Simone is going to choke), was a Kate Radner Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand. Given the choice I would generally choose anything before a NZ Sauv Blanc, but this was really an anomoly- cool aromas of cut grass and asparagus without any of that zingy gooseberry you would expect.  The palate had a touch of creaminess which suggests to me some lees aging and the flavors were more in the guava category than citrus, although some was certainly present.  Long, balanced, and really, really surprising- I love when that happens!


Saturday I went on a boat.  In March, thank you.


I really enjoyed this full-ish bodied 2013 Ravier Clos Saint Andre from Savoie with clams, sweet and sour pork, salt and pepper squid, fried rice…  This is 100% Jacquère which I believe is a first for me.  It was quite neutral but had a really nice round texture to it that made it super enjoyable.   But it was to bed early because


I had my first trail race in the morning.  I am happy to report no sickness or injury (minus some blisters) were incurred.  In fact, this was the most fun race I have ever done and the icing on the cake was that I came in #5 woman for my 13k race.  Not so humble brag.

There was some jockeying at the beginning when there was a 1 lane stair case and about 2,000 people to climb it…this guy made me laugh.

In the evening I caught up with a friend over a lovely homemade dinner of mango salsa, guacamole, chicken, lettuce wraps, which are for sure going to be included in my standard Sunday repertoire of cooking.  Simple, clean, and delicious.

preparing guac

The fresh mango and creamy avocado paired just perfectly with the Burgundy-esq 2013 Jamsheed Harem Madame Chardonnay.  This is a stunning example of Yarra’s cool climate.  Seriously delicious juice as Allen Meadows would say.

IMG_0230 And rounded off the evening with a 9 year old Graves blanc.  Mineral and plenty of lees-ey notes made this totally quaffable all on its own, although I’m sure it would have stood up just nicely to the chicken.


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