What’s Cooking?


On our final full day in Thailand Erin, Taylor, and I got in the kitchen for a 4 hour long class with Baan Kitchen.  At first I was apprehensive they could fill 4 hours without losing our interest, but they managed and it was a really enjoyable and tasty afternoon.

We began with a market tour which was probably unnecessary, but nice to see some of the backpacker-y area of Chiang Mai.


Pumpkin tendrils which Caroline and I greatly enjoyed at Thai Na last week.


Then we got to cooking.  4 courses with 3 choices each.  For the first course I chose chicken (which I subbed for tofu) cashew.


Baby corns, mushroom, green onion, tofu, garlic, onion.  Twas quite tasty.


Taylor made pad thai.


After each course the chefs all got together to enjoy the fruits of their labor.


Tom Yum soup & papaya salad- my two Thai favs

Despite being filled to the brim there was one course to go: Penang curry where I got to make coconut milk.  Take coconut milk, put it in a dirty tshirt  cheese cloth, add to warm water and squeeze.  Totally delicious & simple.

By the end of the course I had a reputation for spicy, which is just the way I like it.

IMG_2036  Taylor and I rounded off the evening with a couple of tasty rum cocktails at the resort across the street, hit bed by 11, & was up at 3 am for my 6 am flight back to HK.


We had an amazing time relaxing, bonding, & of course eating and plan to recreate this holiday American style next June on Lake Powell.  McPhate family reunion part une coming up…



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