Vendage 2015 Begins

Mark, Fabian (with his own brewed beer), Jeremy

Mark Haisma gave moi a quick introduction to Burgundy and his own back story on the way from the Dijon train station to Pierre Naigeon’s winery where Mark has been making wine for the past 8 vintages.  Pierre and his family have been making wine for generations and as such have a pretty sweet set up where, I later learned, his produces over 40 different wines per vintage.  Oh la la.

Mark and I arrived back to the winery right at 10 pm, just enough time to sneak in a tour of the facilities, my accommodation, and a quick taste of some aging white wines- 2014 Aligote and some Chard.

Room without a view, I very generously got a room to myself

All the people from out of town to help Mark & Pierre out (eventually 6 + me) stayed in a garage behind the winery.  I had no idea what to expect about where I would be staying and when I walked in and saw my room (pictured above) I totally laughed out loud at how ridiculously perfect it was.  Glorified camping in what is normally a brewery for the boys.


Back story.  Pierre has the winery.  Mark makes wine & ages it at Pierre’s winery. Mark is building his own winery for the next vintage and has been grooming Jeremy as Assistant Winemaker for the past 3 years.  Jeremy had a good friend Fabian who helps out during harvest but also brews craft beer in the garage, where you will find mon lit. IMG_0362

Kitchen. IMG_0363

Beer stuff.

Then immediately to bed for it was a 3:30 am get up Day 1.


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