Bernard Van Berg (part une)

My the difference one day can make.  One I was lugging pip riddled crates & washing sticky juice from my blood tinged forefinger & the next I stepped into a peace of idyllic wine making heaven.

The journey began in an altogether strange sort of station.  Cars, no people, lined the tracks, with a simple “Lyon” making the southern destined track & “Dijon” marking the north.  The ride was non eventful enough as I plowed through several chapter of Norwegian Wood before arriving at my destination where I was greeted by hosts for the day.


Judith, an enthusiastically chatty Belgian, is exactly the type of woman you hope to scoop you up from a train station with her instantly welcoming hug & invitation to breakfast.  Bernard, is the other half of the Van Berg duo, and awaited further back with his lens firmly aimed upon Judith and I as we said our greetings.


What a little slice of Meursault heaven they have created for themselves.  Judith regaled me with tales of accidental stardom in this player heavy community of Burgundian wine making.  Not boastful in the slightest, but rather more astonished at how their tiny production from this substantial yet no means palatial home, could garner the esteem of Sommeliers & connoisseurs around the globe.


Bernard retired from professional photography & the couple decided they wanted to get back to nature, whether that meant in the vineyards, in the fromagerie, or in the pasture tending horses.


Luckily for us their first round of “can we live here” found them in the quaint 1,700 person small village of Meursault.  A place that instantly spoke to them & a place they have called home for the past 10+ years.


Which works out just wonderfully for the rest of us as Bernard Van Berg produces some of the world’s most unconventionally exciting, totally complete, and totally dynamic wines that have ever pursed these lips.    IMG_0701

It is easy to love a Bernard Van Berg wine after just one sip, almost as easily as it is to fall in love with the story & the passion from where it is born….


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