Thanks, guys. IMG_2606

Welcome fruit, dysentery free. IMG_2607

Welcome PDA IMG_2609

Delicious ant covered beef at Marum, definitely the best restaurant we visited. IMG_2610

Hey, Jesus.IMG_2614

4 am can’t sleep coffee IMG_2618

5 am here we goIMG_2619

Star line 6 amIMG_2620

Angkor WatIMG_2622

At 13 k my phone completely stopped working after several days of fighting with the touch screen (think back to generation 1 Blackberry Storm).  Upon returning to HK I brought my phone to the Apple Store where I was told that my phone suffered from water damage, “it was dripping.”

Well my phone never touched any water and certainly was never submerged.  It was, however, in my hand every time I went running.  And it was most definitely in my Cambodian sweat soaked hand during the half when it stopped working.

This is not a legitimate reason for my phone to stop working so I pitched a bit of a bitch. “So, what, am I going to have to replace my phone every six months?”  This went on a while and they manager very kindly gave me a reduce rate for a new phone ($2,300 hkd opposed to $8,000 retail) and then offered up a Life Box, which is an $800 waterproof case that you can swim with (“but don’t do that.”)

Basically the iPhone 6 sucks, Apple knows it, and won’t fully admit it.  Ugh.  Watch your sweat.

The point of this frustration laced story is that the following photos come from Dan, pictured below.


Best part of the race is when you reach the gate at 16k.  You know you’re almost there…


Finished. IMG_2626

Here comes Max. IMG_2628

Back at Polanka, a whole lot of nothing…


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