Merry Christmas from Honkers

This year I didn’t make it home for Christmas, and when left in Hong Kong to my own (and those of all the winos I know) devices, means that Christmas is basically a month of nonstop gluttony.

It all began with the Winos Annual Trade lunch at the Globe.  24 friends from the wine trade gathered for a turkey feast of epic proportions.  Everyone brought a bottle, or magnum, or two…


Chess and James with some large formats



Fifi looking psyched.  There was no shortage of turkey or Christmas puddings, of which I had my first ever.  Sticky toffee pudding, you’re not for me, thanks.


Lunch with winos is not for the faint of heart…Lucy and I enjoying some bubbles and CNdP.


And continued on well passed 11pm.  For some of us.


The following Thursday was a much more restrained, yet no less delicious trade lunch, this time with the lovely Women in Wine.


12 of us gathered at the Drunken Duck for more turkey and even more wine.  My favorite of the day was Tor’s Bonny Doon Le Cigare Blanc, and the Egly Ouriet Rose Champagne Mandy and I brought.   Seriously good bubbles.


More Christmas parties.  This was a strange one put on by a concierge service and property company, but had some tasty food and free flowing Champagne nonetheless.


That same weekend my customer Gordon, standing above, brought me as his guest to the HK Wine Society annual dinner at the Hong Kong Club.


Wow was it incredible.  The theme was 5s starting with 1995 Charles Heidsieck Blanc de Millenaires, always one of my favorite bubbles, continuing on with…

2005 Mount Pleasant Lovedale Semillon Limited Release, Hunter Valley
2005 Joseph Drouhin Bougros Chablis
1995 Domaine Francois Raveneau Chablis 1er Cru Foret
2005 Rossignol Volnay Taillepieds 1er Cru
1995 Chapoutier La Sizeranne Hermitage
2005 Chateau Montrose St. Estephe Rouge
1995 Chateau Palmer Margaux Rouge
1985 Damiliano Barolo Riserva
1995 Domaine de Trevallon Provence Rouge
1985 Quinta do Noval Port
1985 Remy Pannier Quarts de Chaume
1996 Morey Blanc Meursault Genevrieres 1er Cru


With absolutely no shortage of truffles.  There were even truffles in the ice cream, probably a trend that need not catch on.


Ginsberg+Chan celebrated with a holiday luncheon in the office.  We had delicious roast chicken (tis a season of poultry) from La Rotisserie and one of the best wines I had all year:

2007 Aubert Lauren Vineyard Chardonnay (guess who picked this?)  What a wine. Rich and just absolutely totally delicious. Big and rich but totally balanced with amazing acidity, dense apricot and citrus flavors, round texture and long finish. The Pierre Yves Colin Morey of Cali! Fantastic wine and probably one of the best of 2015. LM98


And what would Christmas be without a big Tuesday night out to Feather Boa with Itai, Simon, Shephalie, and Sylvia (not pictured)?


Forget dinner when there’s chocolate martinis.  Wednesday hurt. IMG_0260

And Thursday hurt even more because moving sucks.  This is it.  You heard it here.  I am officially finished with moving.  Done did.

By moving I mean Joseph and his team are great.  I watched like a pro.


Christmas eve I was home.  But only for 2 minutes because there were more parties to be had.


Rooftop parties at Amanda’s. IMG_0277

With these lovely ladies- Andrea and AmandaIMG_0283

And the late night dance crowd- Itai, Shephali, Jenny, Amanda, and Nicholas.


I woke up to this Christmas morning.  And promptly left because I could not deal.  And more aptly because Doug and Vicky were having a party.


We had such a nice Christmas!  There was Dom Perignon, cheese, tons of delicious food- Vicky is a terrific cook- double magnums of 67 Barolo, and a lovely lovely spread of people.


The 1946 rose (Italy’s first ever!) didn’t hurt.


Ham and roast and spanakopita and mac and cheese- oh the mac and cheese- and nut loaf and then about 5,000 pies. IMG_0306

The service was great to boot.   Rob was into the pies, and yes, that man’s beard is blue.


Every Christmas needs an after party, so we head to the Cutty Sark for another round or 3. IMG_0308

Perhaps I’m getting old, or maybe I was just that full,  but I couldn’t hack it past midnight.


Luckily on boxing day my friends CS and Linda were coming over because there’s no way I would have left bed unless I had a deadline.  They made this incredible spicy chicken and then gizzards and radish stew.  I think I’ve been in Asia too long cuz gizzards be good.


I managed to get everything put away, too.

Merry Christmas and happy new year!


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