Baby Steps.

Winter isn’t as bad as I thought. She says the first week in December…

I’ve been debating what to write about for the past few days and haven’t really come up with anything of note, so this is more of a bit of me doing something (anything) instead of actually having a point. Who knows, maybe I’ll come to one. I’m trying to get away from “here’s what I did this week” as I find it lacks creativity and has put me into a bit of a rut with this so cleverly named blog. It’s also probably incredibly dull for anyone who isn’t me trying to remember what I did last week.

The freeze on my gym membership thawed (I guess?) 5 days ago and I haven’t been able to bring myself to go. Similarly to how I haven’t been able to bring myself to write a blog. Similarly to how I am finding it difficult to bring myself to study. There’s a whole lot of not doing stuff going on recently.

Walking around Tribeca this afternoon

This morning I decide tonight is my night to go to the gym and serendipitously found an pilates class right at 730 in Tribeca.  As the hours went by, I realized I had a lot to carry home from work, and got to thinking how cold my thin gym clothes would be under my thin coat when I would have to ride my (citi)bike home for 20 minutes, so decided just to walk home and bag it. On said walk with gym bag, Rent the Runway unlimited, lunch boxes, and huge purse, I put on The Tim Ferriss Show which happened to feature Mark Bittman, the writer of Omnivore’s Dilemma among a million other things. He spoke about how he’s into running- very much the way that I am, or probably more accurately, how all runners are. It’s routine, it’s healthy, it’s trackable, and it’s contemplative. Running is great!

The point is, Bittman spoke about his habits and measures of success, and they all really stuck a cord with me. Like running, like writing, he says he just needs to do something.  Put something, anything, down on paper and you can make it into a marathon or masterpiece  later. This is something I know about myself, and in writing often surprises me when looking back at things I’ve just written quickly, but emphatically, on a whim. It doesn’t always suck.

I got home, tried on my new Rent the Runway clothing, put on my spandex and hit the fucking gym, and you know what? It didn’t suck, and I’m even thinking about going back tomorrow.



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