12 Miles.

Marathon training continues with the longest run to date, 12.


Saturday, despite oppressive humidity, I managed 12 miles. Although Strava tried to cheat me out of 2. There’s usually an announcement at the completion of every mile about time and your pace over the last mile. After running for what seemed like forever with no announcement, I opened Strava to find, to my horror, the app had quit! On a weekday run this wouldn’t be a big deal as I generally know my distance and pace, but running the southern tip of Manhattan including piers, demands precision. And credit where credit is due!

To add insult to injury, it cut out again while running up and down Park Ave. Did you know it’s shut down to cars Saturday mornings in the summer?


Strava did send a very nice email about my July stats. 120 miles and 18 hours for the month. Let’s extrapolate that out over a year, shall we –> 9 entire days spent running.  The things we do with our time…


It’s been a real pleasure getting back to serious running post exam, especially now that I’m back in Chelsea. This walkway didn’t exist last time I lived here.


But this did. Bridges are the best.


But now I’m off to Michigan to see about some family. Au revoir!


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