Acker Auction.

As mentioned previously, last Saturday I went to the Acker auction with Rob. Turns out the NYC auctions are even more ridiculous than the HK auctions in terms of wines, quite literally, on the table. Everyone brings a bottle, in my case a Cristal 2008 which was absolutely fab, and as the day wears on, so does the flurry of bottles.

For example:


Leroy NSG 2006.


And some Pichon Lalande 1988


Always such a treat to have some Clos Rougeard


’78 Drouhin. And even some Italians and Spanish….

That’s just a tiny glimpse at the 20-30 “tastes” from lunch. Post burrata came Marea’s other, perhaps even more so, iconic dish:

IMG_4199 (2)

Fusilli with octopus and bone marrow. It doesn’t look like much, but it just may change your life. No hyperbole.


One thought on “Acker Auction.

  1. Why is it that every event you go to and post about looks better than the last!! Amazing line up of wines and food. Hope the foot is on the mend xx


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