Year end happens to be the busiest time of year in wine retail, go figure, and (thankfully) never more so than this, my third December with Tribeca Wine Merchants.  In 2018, instead of having quiet mornings to contemplate the last go round the sun, I was engrossed with work, guests, study, and the occasional (mentiras–> often) fiesta. I am writing from the Latam Lounge in Buenos Aires, so please forgive my poor, and often, use of Spanish.

Here’s a rapido look at the travel and milestones of the past ano:

Master of Wine occupied 90% of the first 6 months, so….



Portugal – one, but glorious day in Lisbon on my way to….

bdx city.jpg
Bordeaux – 3rd time, and despite being holed up in a chateau studying away, felt the same kinship as the first visit. Bordeaux, you get me.



South Africa – a loose and largely unplanned trip that turned into one of the most personal and enlightening trips of my life, with a little help from my friend Sam at Meridian Prime.



My best friend married!!

Finger Lakes – a lesson in wine and perhaps more revelatory a lesson in how to incorporate cheese or cream into each and every bite


Pittsburgh – a milestone I never knew I would have to face, for someone else’s same tragically stupid behavior that just 4 years previously almost destroyed me. The ultimate loss, but also an opportunity for closure and a much welcomed reconnection to my lost family. Rest in peace, Paul.



Tuscany – although not booked with this intention, this jaunt to Florence provided a dose of optimism (and whole lot of pasta and vino) at an incredibly stressful point in time



San Francisco – to sit for my first – although unfortunately not last – Master of Wine exam. It was a test of knowledge, endurance and nerves, and although I didn’t achieve my goal of passing both tasting and theory on the first go, I did pass theory. It’s not nothing AND I got to spend an amazing week with Shephali. See post test bliss above



I turned 34. Woo. freaking. hoo. But also moved back to Chelsea. Woo FREAKING hoo!

IMG_3473 (1).JPG

TWM summer tasting of Montrachet, featuring 1966, 1969, 1989, 1990, 1992 & 1995 Drouhin Montrachet Marquis de Laguiche, plus Louis Latour, Marc Colin, Amiot Guy and a special appearance of Pierre Yves Colin Morey. Stunning and perfectly paired with Vaucluse’s exquisite fare.



Michigan – chickens, ducks, dogs, guns and some quality McPhate bonding time



Everyone’s back in New York and things are starting to get busy. I celebrated Labor Day up in Rowayton CT with Jorge, Danna, Maria and Dave (+ kids!) and some very exciting news from the Institute of Masters of Wine – passed theory!



School’s back and TWM kicked off busy season with another epic dinner, this time featuring the spectacularly delicious wines of Cros Parantoux (Meo and Rouget) at New York’s finest restaurant, Eleven Madison Park.



LA / Santa Barbara – a beautiful 3 day winery tour bookended by quality time with my brother Scott and his ever so lovely girlfriend Larissa.


IMG_8114 (1).JPG

Marathon – crushed it: 3:34:45. Boom. + the best cheering squad and after party at Kati’s + Shephali!

IMG_5521 (1).jpeg

We had a small although endlessly enjoyable NJ Thanksgiving with Paul Miller, who came all the way from Burgundy to join us! + Final Table



Knee deep in busy season, 6 day work weeks, visit from Andy in NYC, followed by Scott, followed by Christmas at home for one day and then off to one of the most extraordinary trips I have ever taken. Argentina….


Happy Happy New Year!


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