2 weeks.

In exactly two weeks I will sit down for my second attempt at passing the Master of Wine tasting exam. Of the three years I have been in this program, it’s been this year that’s been the most unnerving. The first year I was just trying to figure out what it was exactly I was supposed to do, so spent a lot of time mapping and gathering info. The second year and I was totally overwhelmed by the massive amount of information I needed to gather and remember, so was way too busy to think about how bad I was going to botch it (until it’s over, that is). But this year, this year I just need to taste. Taste accurately, and then form strong logical arguments. Seems easy enough, but what if I don’t taste accurately? What if I have all of the theoretical knowledge, have been working on writing succinctly and precisely, yet have a bad day and taste some pyrazine where there is none? It’s so easy to fall down a rabbit hole. With a couple bad assessments and an entire year’s worth of effort goes right down that hole, too. FML.

Luckily I don’t think it is quite that dire. As long as I stay honest with what I’m tasting, and demonstrate to the best of my ability my breadth of knowledge (which at this point I do feel is pretty broad!), all the while making logical conclusions, and making sure to answer every question, I should nail this thing. Easy, right?


Just a glass of Madeira, Sherry, Port, Tokaji, Malbec, red Bordeaux, Chablis and Sauternes every day, and this should be a cake walk…


In other news, yesterday was such a treat and a great opportunity for benchmarking the world’s great wines, which is the only way that @ben drinks. Delicious Texas bbq with a few gems, including:


The world’s greatest Champagne. Truly there is nothing better than a great glass of Selosse, and this Substance was surely no exception. Fresh out of the oven brioche slathered in dried dark honey, with no sweetness, but just a ton of richness and heady hedonistic appeal. A total contrast, but also quite beguiling, was the Giradin Perrieres. Rich right in the mid palate, with loads of creamy lemon curd citrus, and laser like precision. 2014!


We rounded off the afternoon with a delicious Dauvissat Chablis. Already showing quite evolved, I wonder if it was the vintage or just the bottle. Either way, it was delicious right now and highlighted the differences in shape between the Cote d’Or (round and fleshy in the middle) and the north (linear, more subtle and straight).


After some meat, lots of cornbread, and a delicious key lime trifle, it was time to head home for a little more Sunday study (and perhaps some GoT and Port).

Anyway. 13 days to go….


2 thoughts on “2 weeks.

  1. You will knock this thing out of the park!! With all the ‘tasting’ you have been doing I have great faith in you. The other, and most important thing to remember is that this is a fun thing to do – it might be hard now but what an awesome way to address difficulty and challenge. All the very best xx

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