Scott Likes Fish.

For some reason my phone will not let me move all of my photos off of it and onto the computer, probably for the same reason it will not hold a charge for more than 1 hour, but below you’ll get a glimpse into the most incredible 2 weeks I spent with my big brother Scott.

In the course of his trip we managed to cover some serious HK ground and most importantly we got to connect in a way we have not been able to in years, dare I say, ever.  I love my big brother and the intensely kind, generous, passionate adult he has become.  We could all stand to be a little more “Scott”…

Enough mush and onto the photos.  I’ll get the rest up when my phone decides to cooperate.  I hope.


Scott came to my wine tasting at Ginsberg+Chan where he got to try some super incredible Chateauneuf du Pape.  He’s already sold on wine, but this really drilled the nail into the coffin.


There were certainly no shortage on food on his trip and we explored the many faces of Asian cuisine, including some yummy pho from Bep.


It would be great if I could show you all of the fun we had hating Fernandos, touring “ancient” ruins, and eating octopus in Macau, but alas, phone wins.  Above are the spoils from our trip, a deliciously tannic 2009 Taylor’s LBV.


The sun finally came out toward the end of the second week to which we were very grateful on our day up to Tai O.  Hong Kong people, if you haven’t been, suck it up, make the 2 hour+ journey, and go.  It’s totally worth it.


Fishing villages.  In Hong Kong.  Get better.


And then it does get better.  Fishing villages in Hong Kong with beer & peanuts.


We’re on a boat.  No dolphins spotted as I suspect they are now extinct due to this unnecessary bridge that is being built from Macau to HK.


Then we booked it out of there for we had Jeff’s going away dinner (quitter!) at Under the Bridge Spicy Crab.  Again, Hong Kong people, if you have not been, go.  It was awesome.  And you should note that Scott, “I only eat chicken,” is eating crab. And enjoying it.

I think one of Scott’s most important take aways from HK is that he doesn’t hate all seafood, just fishy fish.  I even got him to admit he like my salmon last night.  Winning.


I have the best friends.


And Jeff has the jello shots.  An LKF Al’s Diner must.


Well played, Sarah.


And no night in LKF (or Wan Chai for that matter) would be complete without a Filippino cover band.  Lisa, Sarah, Jules, & I at Insomnia.


To which we followed up with a stunning day out to sea a la Andy & the Office.IMG_2795

It was an absolutely flawless day out.  Thanks Andy & Dylan!IMG_2796

 A recurring theme throughout Scott’s trip was Thai food, and I have to say this curry & seafood salad were among the best.  If in Sai Kung check out Thai Ho, it’s amazing.


And just to drive the point home that in HK we love boats, we followed up a boat day with another boat day.  This time for Itai’s surprise 30th.  Happy Birthday!!


Sibs at sea.


Clearwater (perhaps more appropriately called “oil water”) Bay.

IMG_2806And then I ditched Scott for my first motorcycle ride through Hong Kong.  Sorry Scott, bikes > taxi.

More coming soon.


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