Blondes Have More Fun: November Edition

The photo above comes from brunette days gone by in October, but I just found it in my phone.  So there you are.

November 16th, how did that happen?

My customer and friend invited me to a dinner (vintage Dom) to which I was then disinvited by the hosting company as I work for a competitor, and as a consolation prize got this very stunning and complex amontillado as an apology (I’m pretty sure I owe the gift here).

My customer later told me about the origins of Amontillado.  Back in the day when Fino was all the rage, a cask being transported from Montilla Moriles to Jerez was rumored to have had the flor break, thus allowing oxygen to get into the previously protected Palomino juice.  Thus a hybrid of the salty savoury Fino and rich nutty Oloroso.  When someone in Jerez asked of this style, the response was “A Montilla” which eventually transformed into Amontillado, which is a perfect apertivo in my opinion.


We opened this.  Sadly this was done did.  Does anyone have any insight into the misshapen bottle?  We have another wine from the same producer and vintage in a normal Bordeaux style bottle.  IMG_2028

Bourgogne wine tasting at the Pullman hotel.  Loved the freshness and lightly reductive notes found here.


After Bourgogne was the Gambero Rosso tasting followed by dinner with Neil and Andy at Sohofama, which is excellent.  Enjoyed this Pic St Loup tremendously.

The next day was James Suckling’s Great Wines of the World featuring many producers I carry, like the Damilano above.  Really really elegant wines found here.  I totally recommend you pick up a bottle of their Barbaresco!

So crowded la. IMG_2035

Marketing at G+C.  IMG_2036

Private event (with some fab wines) at G+C. IMG_2038

And snacks from Delicious HK. 

A quick 3 hour lunch with Mandy for the launch of Jeannie Cho Lee’s second season.  IMG_2049

The Koreans came for a visit!  Wine N Travel, a 35,000+ strong wine club in Seoul, comes and visits us every year and we welcome them with bubbles and 1971 Barolo.  Notice how everyone is on their phone

Awesome stuff. IMG_2051

Happy hour at Hanjin with Sarah.  Soju cocktails?  Noo thanks.

And then out for a free flow meat dinner for Andy’s 50th.  IMG_2054

Finished with cider at the Globe. IMG_2056

Happy (41st) birthday, Andy!

The following day was Simone’s going away dinner. It’s so sad to see her go, but great to know the network of winos spreads on.  I brought the 1969 which was lovely on the nose but a bit tired on the palate. Loved the 2 Paddocks.

And Michael’s St Aubin.  This is the type of wine I would gladly drink everyday.  IMG_2066

Another wine I could drink everyday…

So delicious la.  Kim and I went halfsies and basically ate ourselves silly.


Liger Belair’s Chilean venture a la ChessIMG_2071

Doug brought a 1946 Rose, the first in Italy (from G+C), which totally stole the show.  Rockin.  


And of course shots. IMG_2084

3 am in Wan Chai. IMG_2102

No rest for the wicked, because free flow Champagne Sunday was on.

As Charlotte and I walk into Cabana, Hong Kong’s newest and greatest beach club, we were handed Ziplock bags.  Why?  To protect our phones from Champagne showers.  YEssssss. IMG_2105

Get better November. IMG_2106

On top of the Pulse @ Cabana

With free flow Mumm, which is surprisingly palatable. IMG_2115

And sushi, foie gras sandwiches, kebabs, chocolate covered strawberries….IMG_2116

And the best sunset in HK IMG_2118

Oh and oysters, too.

Hi Ivan

Hi new Champagne friends 

Monday = not Champagne on the roof, but an afternoon in the Conrad hotel slinging wine.  Rosanna looks enthused. IMG_2138

Have you tried the newest Coravin?  Available here. IMG_2144

We were stationed next to the chocolate guy.  And if that wasn’t enough come 6pm they started with Bailey’s cocktails.  I cannot say no to Baileys, nor shall I ever try.

I think Tuesday I took to myself for Wednesday was rose Champagne day at G+C.  The Belle Epoque, which I had preciously had and didn’t love, was my fav.  It was quite mature and just really different.

Full notes:


Fab tasting of some interesting and totally crushable natural wines at La Cabane.  This Chard was particularly fresh…


And matched perfectly with the earthy and mildly stinky cheeses.

While dogsitting, see Rudy and his new best friend, I ran into my friend Christina.  What was supposed to be a quiet night turned into vodka sodas at Beegers– who named this place???IMG_2197

Post Muy Thai pho.  Life is good. 

And some Sunday afternoon Cab on Simone’s Doug’s roof.IMG_2208

More facial hair on this roof than the whole of Kowloon combined. IMG_2237

Sunday night at Fishsteria, which is totally delicious, with a few bottles of bubbles…

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