While I’m Working

A theme of the past two months surely must be the amount of work consuming my evenings.  Don’t misunderstand this to be a complaint, as it is absolutely not.  I am merely stating that my past few weeks have involved many many a late night at the office.   One of which featured the absolutely stunning wines of Dom Perignon. #winejobperks


What is there to complain about when your night starts with 2002, moves to 2000, 1998, 1993, 1990, before finally finishing on a slightly smokey totally baked 1998 Dom Perignon?  My choice of the evening was definitely the 1993, the vintage of my first Dom Perignon, for it’s intensity of flavor and nutty vanilla creaminess.  This was also the least favorite of the tasting group which makes me think that people just don’t drink enough older Champagne.  They’re looking for zingy freshness a la Veuve and you’re just not going to find it here.

Anyway, enough about work.


Had Andy’s going away again dinner with he and Geoff and followed up with a delicious bottle of wine & even more delicious Comte cheese from the Upper House.  Michelin one star for it’s cheese alone.  Get at it. IMG_2247

I’d like to say I got to enjoy this beautiful Iberico ham that was brought in for an 80 person event last Tuesday, but I can’t as I am pretty sure my soy milk was out to kill me.  Hong Kong, you’re filthy, thanks for the food poisoning.  Again…IMG_2306

Did I mention the Dom was followed up with an incredible 2009 Vogue Chambolle Musigny 1er Cru and arguably an even better 2010 Vietti Barolo Lazzarito?  #winejobIMG_2311

Went for a massive accidental run the other day.  Pit stop in a public bathroom on Bowen Road and I saw this gem.  Seriously Hong Kong, you are filthy. IMG_2313

Saturday marked Thanksgiving part 1 with Raquel and Eric and new friends.  Raquel made an incredible spread complete with moist, yes moist, turkey and some amazing chipotle spiced corn.  Amaze. IMG_2317

Sunday taxi up to Andy Dylan’s boat and I found out that new friend Kasia lives in Nina and Kenny’s exact apartment! I remember hearing about Kasia when Nina was moving out, and now nearly 2 years later we meet coincidentally in a cab share.  I had actually met her husband a few weeks earlier but didn’t make the Casa Bella connection. IMG_2325

The last week in November on  a boat.  Hong Kong, then you go and totally redeem yourself. IMG_2326

Lunch at Yau Lei is one of my favorite things.  That is all.


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