Wine in Cambodia (surprisingly) Rocks

WordPress is postiny my pictures from most recent to oldest, so let’s tell this story backward, shall we? 


I am currently enjoying a fresh Angkor draft at the FCC  (Foreign Correspondent’s Club) where just one year ago I made a quick guest appearance.   You see, last year after splitting with my husband (feels like cheating even saying that after only 10 weeks of marriage) I decided to take a trip by myself for myself.  This was a trip in which I would run my first ever half marathon, where I could take pride in my solitary hard earned achievement, and yet be in the copmpany of supportive friends in one of the most amazing places in the world.  

 Lo and behold an infectious disease (and my probably less than healthy self) had other plans and I ended up collapsing during the run and spending the rest of the weekend crouching before the porcelin gods, one of which was at the FCC.  Turns out dysentery is not limited to the Oregon Trail…
But here I am one year later, healthier, happier, and instead of trying to sell myself on optimism, I actually feel it.  2016, man.  

So about Cambodia.  I had decided to run the half months and months ago.  Then decided not to.  Then on Thursday decided why not and everything fell into place.  Got my ticket on points.  Friends had an extra bed in their super lovely hotel (Maison Polanka- if you’re ever here look no further). And I already had my bib.  Sorted. 

My phone has gone schizophrenic so I only have a couple photos from my iPad.      

Fish Amok proves coconut milk makes anything, including less than delicious river fish, taste good.  The Red Piano near Pub Street.  I remember this area being a lot more interesting 6 years ago. Now it just proves the importance of booking a nice hotel…

Tourists and a constant bombardment of tuk tuk drivers looking to score their next riders.  Speaking of, there’s my tuk tuk driver from this am.

I am having a bit of trouble trying to get this typed up on my ipad, so the rest will have to wait.  Spoiler, I finished the race.  Woot.  


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