Meet Kenneth.  Kenneth is our in house inventory guy who happened to have his birthday on Thanksgiving this year.  This is, however, is not him giving thanks, but instead praying to the powers that lie within the (delicious) strawberry cream cake. IMG_2374

In real Thanksgiving news, this year Thanksgiving (#2) was spent with Emily (not pictured) and 25 other turkey day orphans. IMG_2375

This was quite the motley crew and if you couldn’t tell by looking at us, you could certainly tell by what was brought, quite literally, to the table.  See evidence above in the form of dried hot pot i.e. icky bits and chili.


Turns out great minds think alike and pretty much everyone (that matters) at dinner was wearing black and/or pleather.  #zaraIMG_2376

We had a solid assortment of traditional fare; 3 x stuffing, potatoes, turkey, salads and veg, and some non traditional like the hot pot and suckling pig, which coincidentally was the first thing to go. IMG_2378

25 people in an HK apartment is no small feat.  Well done Emily!!IMG_2381

I spy a ricecooker on the Thanksgiving day table.  IMG_2385

For me the clear winner of the evening was this ridiculously rich pecan pie with bourbon infused  whipped cream.  Get better.  It should be noted that the pumpkin pie a la Tai Tai Pie Pies ran a very very close second.IMG_2399

The very next day, Black Friday as it is known in America, found me at work with some seriously great bottles.  3 x Bernard Van Berg, who is my favorite producer of wine out there.  See earlier posts.  IMG_2400

We had some samples of the most recent not yet released 2014s, including an Aligote, a Chardonnay, and a Pinot.  And man do they prove why I love Bernard’s wines.  They’re concentrated but never heavy, interesting with a point of view, and incredibly long.  They were a hit later that night at Thanksgiving #3.  We also opened a Saumur (Loire Valley) Chenin from Clos Rougeard that was absolutely incredible.  Loire is slowly creeping into popularity in HK.  Slowly. IMG_2403

Max, G+C’s ex-accountant (her last day was yesterday), brought back a really deliciously intense yet lifted and balance Tokaji from her recent travels in Hungary.  Absolutely divine. IMG_2412

Thanksgiving #3, also my 3rd annual, at Jeff Boda’s.  He is now infamous for bringing the bacon explosion to the mouths and attention of the HK hungry.  Homemade Italian sausage covered in a basket weave of bacon, sliced up on a baguette smeared with homemade chipotle mayo.  IMG_2414

It’s quite difficult to follow up an appetizer (yes appetizer) like that, but Jeff manages year after year with a massive assortment of traditional fare and craft beers. IMG_2415

This is always a favorite.  IMG_2416

And then there was pie.  I stuck with pumpkin this go round and was not disappointed.  The winner for me was the dark brown on the left as the woman made it from real pumpkin (not a can).  Loved it. IMG_2417

ha.  Ask Jay about this one. IMG_2427

No rest for the wicked (I think I said that in the last post too, hey?) for Saturday was stacked with 2 work events.  #1 a banking meeting, luncheon and tasting….IMG_2443

An absolutely gorgeous day to be in the terrace.  Oh Hong Kong, you.


And then another event in the evening.  I popped out at 6 just in time for some Bibo. IMG_2453

Ruinart Champagne & olives & fried langostines = perfect.


Truffle toast….IMG_2458

Boozy whisky drink with a side of crystallized ginger…IMG_2470

and some berry something and ham.  Bibo has some of the best cocktails in HK .  Ask for Wallace. IMG_2474

Christina enjoys the green something in a bowl of water.  IMG_2475

And finally this.


On Sunday I ran.  22k to be exact.  The end.


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