When Not in Wine

There’s no real message or point to this post (for something new and different, I know) except to show you how beautiful it is to live in Stanley.


I find myself engaged in this. IMG_0896

Up the Wilson Trail about 100 or so meters you get this view…sometimes….sometimes it’s just clouds and wind.  IMG_0899

Up the Twins backward…IMG_0903There’s Violet Hill.  And Quarry Bay…IMG_0901

Through the isolation…this is 9 am on Saturday.  Where is everyone?IMG_0900

And into Tai Tam country park. IMG_0902

Southside living.  Loving my new trails…


Sunday found me in Ap Lei Chau furniture shopping with Peter and look what I found marked 90% off at Tequila Kola!  Now where to put big L….


I stayed in Saturday night to watch Paul Dano in Love & Mercy.  1) Paul is amazing  2) The movie is pretty great and quite eye opening into the sad life of Brian Wilson 3) I cannot get “Good Vibrations” out of my head 4) This Madiran was pretty tasty and even softer and more delicious Sunday when I had the rest for dinner 5) this photo makes my living room look pretty ghetto.  Can anyone recommend a contractor to come hang my pictures!??


Happy Monday.


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