Hey! Feb.

I have not put up a post for a while, not for lack of effort, but because I’ve been having issues uploading photos here.  I think we’re back in business, so here’s what’s been shaking on the Southside.

North side really…Whisky!


An incredible still wines of the Douro tasting and master class hosted by The Drinks Business.  Hopefully we’ll see a lot more of these panel discussions.IMG_0873

Wine tasting & buying at BBR.  Actually twice in the past couple of weeks.  The first was this sale/tasting and then a week or so later Jasper Morris MW was in town so there was  a tasting of the 2011 vintage.  The whites are showing quite lovely at the moment.  The reds didn’t blow my mind.  I also think my palate for red Burgundy is totally skewed in favor of the $500+ sort. #winejobproblems


The Drinks Business followed up their stellar Portugal series with a look at “Unknown Piedmont.”  This tasting was spectacular in terms of wines.  The Pietro Cassina Vespolina was stunning as was his Lessona Nebbiolo, and the Viberti Giovani Barbera was probably the best I have ever had.  IMG_0910

Where there is wine there is also running.  Up the Wilson Trail, this is the view from the top of the second Twin. IMG_0896

Quite possibly the best tasting we have done to date.  (obviously)

Chateau Haut Brion review.


Oh, here we are back at Berry Brothers…



This song just came on my Spotify and it’s awesome:  “I love you more than you think” by Rizzle Kicks (really?).


Chinese New Year coming soon.


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