Dragons Dancing

It’s Sunday and after I tutored this morning I have been resigned to my couch.  At nearly 4pm I haven’t done anything and I’m feeling pretty good about it.   I have managed to eat about a pound of pasta with this super delicious Pomodoro Marscapone sauce I bought from Taste because it was on super sale ($18!).  I’m not usually one for pre-made sauces, but fill it with Marscapone and I’m sold.   Happy Valentine’s Day to me.


Friday at work one of my customers came in for some Valentine’s Day wine with his wife and child so we obviously took a photo together.  I wonder what people do with photos like these other than put them on their blog that no one reads.  I don’t see this being hung on the mantle…

I was thinking to get some highlights/lowlights this weekend since my roots are growing out a bit, but now I’m questioning if it’s worth it.  Looks ok above, huh?IMG_1178

Friday eve found me ferrying across to Lamma, hiking for 20 minutes in the solitary dark, an anomaly here, and finally arrivating at casa Beth where she made us a delicious Beef Stroganoff for dinner.  It’s always so nice to visit Beth.  Of course because she’s amazing, but she has such a great set up where she lives.  You can feel the tension from the city dissipate even though you can see it off in the distance.

I took the ferry back to Aberdeen and had one of those “I love HK” moments.  Boats, water, beaches within a stone’s throw of the city, and all the while not wearing a winter jacket in February.


Saturday I got in a great hike over the Twins followed by a solid 10k jog through Tai Tam.  The only issue with running over there is you either have to hike the Twins back (no thanks) or bus it home.  It feels a little anti climactic to hop onto a bus to get through the narrow streets around the mountain.  C’est la vie I suppose.


In the evening I met a friend up in Kowloon City for some Italian bubbles at the Walled in City.  No trip to Kowloon City is complete without some authentic Thai and we did just that with a really fruity yet balance 2014 Pinot Grigio from Tasmania.  I’ll have to look up the name.  Highly recommended given it’s price.

Somehow i managed to avoid Central all weekend long.  It’s easy to forget that there are other places in Hong Kong when that’s where most of your life takes place, but beaches! And Thai food. And trails…

Which brings us back to Valentine’s and movies on the couch.  I’m looking forward to the weather warming up just a bit so my lazy Sundays can be spent working on a tan while I lay on my paddle board.  Are we there yet?



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