Le Flacon

I am writing this just minutes after leaving for it was truly one of the more memorable bites of Bordeaux, this year, and perhaps ever. No hyperbole intended.

After I found out I would be traveling to Bordeaux, I spent several hours narrowing down where to spend my few free meals, and a name that kept coming up (along with Brasserie Bordelais, but more on that in another post) was Le Flacon. After bdx day 1 and a tasty but failed dinner at BB, one of my tasting companions vouched for the deliciousness of Le Flacon. He, a ham connoisseur, swore it was perhaps the best bellota he had ever had, ever, so then and there the deal was done.


Several days and several hundred wines later and I finally had time to go to the restaurant of my choice by myself, so I made my way over to the Rue Cheverus; 43 to be exact. The owner, I suspect, came over and very generously made some recommendations to my request for a “weird” white. I began with a 2014 Phillipe Tessier Cheverney which he later described as a mineral flecked Sauvignon, Chardonnay, & Menu Pineau; a “typical” blend. The subdued nose betrayed the intensity of the palate, although the fresh minerality was quite clear on both. Absolutely love it. Filled with green apples and a limestone backbone, this was the perfect accompaniment to my first course of fried (didn’t realize they’d be fried) raviolis of ricotta and herbs (basil).



My second wine was a lovely 2014 Macon Loche from Celine & Laurent Tripoz. Super aromatic and full of intensity, this was not your average Macon. As good as the wines were, each at less than 5 euro, the burrata dish of fucking heaven won the keys to this heart. The huge glob of creamy mozz plushiness, covered in olive oil and fried Spanish ham, totally exploded in cheesy crackhead addictiveness with one poke of my fork. Seriously the best bite, ever. At least in recent memory, and this is on the heels of a cheese buffet at Chateau Pontet Canet for lunch.  There was fried ham, gooey cheese, and a acid bright tomato jam o top that all just totally sang together atop a crusty piece of white bread.  Perfection among mozzarella.


I sat nibbling, umming, aweing, and high fiving the chef with my eyes (in my head) for a solid hour.  This was one of those bites you never ever want to end.


Look at that creamy pile of heaven.

Anyway, the owners were lovely, the wines delicious, and the cheese explosion of heaven life changing. If ever you find yourself in Bordeaux, find yourself a seat at Le Flacon.


As mentioned I am typing this mere minutes after consumption from my favorite wine bar in Bordeaux, Vin Urbains. This is now my third visit this week and all I have to do is sit down before what you see above happens before me.  No words needed, just trust from my favorite local.  I love this place and you should, too.

You’re welcome.


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