Bucket List

All of the people who actually read this (hi Simone and Craig!) already know I am on my way out of Hong Kong, and after three loud weeks of threats I have finally and officially purchased my ticket out of here.  June 2nd I fly to Beijing for the evening (check) then to Boston where I’ll spend a glorious week with my sister Stacy and her boyfriend Russell.  One week of lobster and American beach side living…with family!

In the meantime I have been accumulating and quickly ticking off my Hong Kong bucket list.  Achievements thus far:


Fresh HK sea urchin (didn’t know this was a thing until I had it and strongly suggest you seek it out.  Yang Shi Chang, Sai Kung)

IMG_3075 (1).JPG

Peking duck at American Peking (tasty duck pancakes, fried sesame bread, and shrimp)

Dinner at the China Club


Spending the night on Andy’s boat (finally!)

Driving, mooring, and walking a boat

Squid fishing! (nothing caught, alas)


Last junk  (as hosted by My House, complete with awesome natural wine and DJs)



Dinner at CS and Linda’s (finally! homemade healthy Szechuan. totally amazing–cheese from Bayta afterward)


Make homemade granola (2 overripe bananas, coconut oil, 6 cups oats, 1 cup almonds, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg.  bake.  so easy la)

5 pm happy hours because I can (Stone Nullah with Shephali + more to come)

IMG_3123 (1).JPG

Lead a 44 person wine tasting (not really on my list, but that happened)

Shisha after hiking the Peak (this also wasn’t on my list, but I did it last night, so…check!)


Mid afternoon swimming at the beach, aka my backyard (Thursday ain’t so bad)

BUT…. there’s a ton more to do in the coming weeks.  Most importantly is that my mom is coming for her HK round deux to help me pack up and say goodbye.  I have the best mom and I can’t wait to show her off.



Paddle boarding

Little Bao

Lunch at Dragon I

One last hot pot

One last Korean dinner on Kimberly Street

One last high tea

One last Sijie BYO Szechuan feast

Crash a tram party  (little help??)


Middle Island (Yacht Club members, who wants to go?)

W brunch (my going away party with my MOM!)


Pier lounge (maybe the Wing, too) at HK airport

Trekking in China….which is happening tomorrow!!! I am so absolutely stoked for this 2 years in the making trip.  Dan and I fly out after spending a requisite 3 hours in the Pier lounge, thank you, to Kunming to hop another short flight to Dali where we will spend a glorious 3 days trekking in the mountains.  2 nights camping.  Rumors of snow.  Get better Asia.


Is there anything I’m missing???



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