New. York. City.

Soooo, let’s go with I’ve been busy and haven’t had a chance to (read: just didn’t) write a post in the past 3 months. Here’s what’s news.

I left Hong Kong.

I did pretty much everything on my bucket list and then some, 99% of which involved eating and drinking myself silly in placed like China, Japan, Hong Kong, Boston, and Denver. I managed to sneak in some quiet time in New Jersey where I reconnected not only with my parents and hometown, but with my country. Here it is 2 months later and I’m still enamored, amused, and bewildered, but mostly enamored, with how great the good ole U.S of A. is.

Here’s a quick glimpse into the past couple of weeks that I have been living in New York, the best city in the entire world (#fact).

After 2 weeks here I can say this with authority; the rest of the world wants to be here. Case in point number 1. Kate comes into town for her bachelorette party. This HK trained up pro is fine after 2 wild nights on the town, but her more local bridesmaids fare not as well. Instead of Sunday Funday at the Brooklyn Brewery we drop half the (puking) crew and make our way to Dough, Chilio’s and finally after a 45 min wait, Speedy Romeo in Bed-Stuy for some super delicious pizza (Kind Brother pictured below), grilled peppers, and natural white wine.


Kate heads back to HK. I head to Mekelburg with my friend from college, Megan, and her sister I know from HK, Ali. Grocery store cum beer house cum alfresco cheese plate heaven, Mekelburg’s is clearly a world mecca because as soon as I post a shot on Instagram HK friend, Patrick, comes over to say hello. Oh, and accidental charcuterie. Thanks!IMG_4978

I follow up a very delicious, although very expensive Sunday Funday accidental dinner (who needs dinner after donuts, tacos, and pizza?) at Pascaule Jones (totally delicious and awesome wine list), with a Monday ride over the Brooklyn Bridge, because I didn’t get enough the day before…IMG_4995

There’s a lesson here and the lesson is twofold: don’t ever ride your bike 1) over the Brooklyn Bridge, you may kill someone mid-selfie and 2) to IKEA because there’s no where to dock your CitiBike within a mile. Also, #CitiBikeRocks.

I will say, IKEA America is approximately 10,000 times better than IKEA HK in terms of congestion and annoyance, but let’s be honest, #IKEAsucks.

Flash ahead to Friday and I meet yet another HK friend (in NYC!)and his HK friends for a stunning apertivio on the roof followed by really really excellent seafood (try the trout and gnocchi app) at Upstate. And more drinks at Crooked Tree.  Go with beer or something safe and relish in the proximity to the subway.


Work: Tribeca Wine Merchants is a whole new wine world, and despite the fact that we speak the same fine wine language, it’s been a totally eye opening experience of how much more I have to learn.  People in America drink outside of Burgundy and Bordeaux- who knew!? It’s refreshing and funny to see how my drinking habits of being outside the norm ARE the norm here. The Loire Valley is normal and Sancerre, not NZ Sauv B, is the drink of choice.

A regular and new friend, Brandon, is totally smitten with Burgundy, which has made for some pretty incredible afternoons at TWM.IMG_5045

This 2004 Sauzet Les Perrieres was delicious. Opened the night before, it was open, full of butter, yet had totally intense acidity and minerality running through the core. It being Saturday and all Brandon follow up with a little sabering…


From left: Dan (part time), Brian (retail manager), Brandon (hat), Ben (boss). And no one lost an eye.


On the fresher cleaner side of Champagne from one of the first Growers to hit it big, #PierrePetersIMG_5050

Swords and wine. It’s a thing.


My commute home.


Rounded the weekend off with a return trip to IKEA (never again) followed by some truly excellent BBQ at Hometown and cocktails at Dead Rabbit with Brandon.

Moral of the story, New York rocks.


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