Remember Fall?

Because now I do! It is officially official Fall and I can say that because The Races have come and gone, but we’ll get to that. 

Ben, my boss pictured above, went to inspect a cellar the other day and noticed a 1989 Lynch Bages with a bit of mold on the label. Not to leave it to chance, he took the worst offender into the store for a little QC. I am happy to report the wine was absolutely fine, although I found the tannins to be a little hard, but perhaps that’s a 1989 thing. Chief, a friend from HK who was in town, and I finished the bottle later on after it had opened up and it proved pretty stinking delicious. Loads of graphite and cigar which would have been pure magic with the right dish. Instead, we drank it out of plastic cups on the street. You can take the girl out of Hong Kong….

The lighting on this picture is really doing a lot for all of us here. Erica, not pictured, very kindly brought a group of us winos to go see the wonderful Ludovico Einaudi at the Skirball Center. Labeled as Neoclassical, the show was a spectacular ensemble of musicians.  Do yourself a favor and go see him next time he’s in town. 

Post show we hit up City Winery for a taste of his cousin Luigi Einaudi’s Dolcettos and Barolos. You can read more about the family from Hilary (one photo up on the left) on Wine Spectator.  10pm Tuesday night wine tastings are a thing. 

Sunday funday, Nina, Kenny and I head up to Beacon, New York, about an hour outside the city, for a little Fall foliage and brunch. We decided upon The Roundhouse for its views which was a good choice, indeed. We, three ex-Hongker and current NYCers, couldn’t help but notice the difference in pace in Beacon. After wondering for a while if our waiter would come with menus, we finally asked for them. A few minutes later got them. 20 minutes later got bread. 20 minutes later got our app. 20 minutes later go our entrees. Did you know America is the only place that uses entrees as a main? Everywhere else it refers to the first course. True story. 

If in Beacon, check out The Roundhouse. It’s not groundbreaking, but had solid food and provided ample entertainment with its excessive use of quotation marks. More “coffee,” please.

A little downtown stroll, failed attempt to visit a farmer’s market, and a local craft brew later and we hit the road back to good ole NYC. Traffic, we learned, is the reason we don’t do this more often. Although we’re certainly glad we did.


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