It’s Fall.

While all of my HK friends junk and layout at the beach, I’ve been trying to convince myself that Fall is the best season. Who doesn’t love jackets, and scarves, and socks, and shoes? (Me!!!)

Let’s go in backwards order since that’s how my phone decided to upload. Last night I finished dinner, course 4, with a flight of 3 stickies:

  1. was clearly botrytised- so either Sauternes or Tokaji. It was very sweet (upon revelation 5 puttunyos) which should have been the hallmark of Tokaji. Sauternes is only ~100 g/l residual sugar, where Tokaji can often be well above 300 g/l.
  2. I was for sure was a cream Sherry for all its oxidative nutty notes, BUT turns out it was a Ratafia from Champagne. I’m going to need to do some further research here..
  3. Late harvest riesling from Cloudy Bay. This was def a Riesling, but NZ was unexpected.

The pairing with the banana pudding, which was amazing although didn’t need the 1 lbs of nutella, definitely paired best with #2.

Course 3 had the best wine options. I particularly liked the Daou Cab blend from Paso Robles but found the Kelly Fleming Cab too flamboyant and the Emidio Pepe Montepulciano too astringent and green with the foie gras dumplings. By the way, foie gras dumplings. 

To give a bit more context, Angel’s Share, a New York distributor, invited me along to Somm Wars at Del Frisco steak house. The premise was for 3 different Del Frisco Somms- New York, Chicago, and Dallas- to pair a wine with each course. Patrons, who paid $300/seat, were to vote on the best pairings.

It was interesting because I didn’t think most of the pairings were very successful, especially with the first course, and wonder if the Somms were limited in their wine selections. I got the impression they didn’t get to taste the food before hand- I hope.

It was a fun concept and a good way to bond with a potential  supplier at least.

Earlier that same day, Chief, a Hong Kong friend, took me out to a superb meal at the Odeon. Champagne and oysters, zucchini blossoms stuffed with ricotta, mac and cheese and a little Rhone red were the necessary requisites to proceed a 4 course wine dinner…

I love that Hong Kong people come to New York so much and wonder why I can’t drop that last 10 lbs. Life is mysterious that way. 

A little pre-lunch tasting with Geoffroy from Avant Garde and I absolutely fell in love with these declassified Rateau wines from Gourt de Moutens. I will be sending out an offer early next week. Stunning stuff. 

Tuesday, T. Edwards, another distributor, held an afternoon magnum tasting. I was especially partial to the Alsace Rieslings and some of the funkier Beaujolais. I still can’t get over the fact that people know and love Beaujolais. Hong Kong, please take note. 

Monday night dinner at The Gander with this little drop from the south of France. Portant is the grape, which is not in Oz Clarke’s book of Grapes, so I need to dig a little on this.

Sunday fun day ended at Anfora with this really special Chard/Gruner blend from Moric, one of my favorites from Slovenia.

Great little tannic drop. 

Sunday began with some freezing rain (not really) and delicious orecchiette at La Perla, which I highly recommend. The octopus was delicious as well.

I woke up Tuesday with a cold which just further proves I can never stop running if I don’t want to get sick. I immediately started running again Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and have been feeling just fine ever since. I cannot say the same for my colleagues.


Horse races tomorrow!


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