Reflections of 2016

I met with my friend Mac earlier this year to help him with a challenge he had set for himself; hold 100 coaching conversations in 100 days. He managed 57, which is no small feat, and I count myself lucky to be among them.

What stuck with me were 2 questions: 1) what are your biggest goals/priorities right now  MW and not being single. 2) are you in a good place to do those things? hmmm, not really. 

Shortly thereafter I moved to New York.

Thanks, Mac! Now with year end approaching he sent the following questions, of which I thought it could be a fun exercise to go through and answer. Publicly! Why not?

2016- GO->

What is one thing that you did this year that you will remember for the rest of your life?

No doubt, packing up and moving back to the motherland. America! 

What was your greatest success this year in your career?

Stepping into a new role with confidence and an open mind. 

Personal life?

6 months in and I’m pretty sure I’ve dated half of the single men in New York, which in itself is not a success, but my approach to it I think has been. My mind is open but my standards are set, and I’m sticking to em. 

What were some of your biggest learnings this year?

Home truly is where the heart is. I honestly didn’t realize all that I was missing by being so far away. 

What is one area of your life that you want to invest more time in building next year?

Communicating more effectively, both through writing and in self promotion. It’s hard to wave your own flag, but I do believe it is important that you do. 

Who is one person that you want to invest more time in building a stronger relationship next year?

I don’t want to narrow down to one person, but to (re)build and deepen my old relationships again. I have done a pretty good job of filtering people out of my life that I find to be toxic or selfish, but I also tend to spread myself quite thin. I have a more is more approach to friendships which perhaps isn’t the best way to build deep ones.

So there you have it. Some quick reflections on 2016. We’ll check back this time next year to see where they stand.

Resolutions coming soon.




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