2017 Bangs In 

December was filled with 6 day work weeks, Christmas & Hanukkah parties, family visits, and a serious lack of studying. It was great. Here’s a look at the last minutes of 2016 and the first of 2017.

We started at Tribeca Wine Merchants with a little Krug (which autocorrect keeps trying to change to “drug”) Rose, which was my first. Toasty.

Off to spend the last evening of the year with my bestest of over 18, Kati, and her awesome boyfriend Sean. Egly Ouriet Blanc de Noirs Crayeres + 2007 Paul Etienne St Germain Tradition.

Dinner at Chalk Point Kitchen in Soho with Kati, Sean,  and college friends of nearly 15 years, Emma and  her awesome husband Jason.

Lobster, tortellini, chocolate.


And then we moseyed back to Kati’s and were asleep well before 2.

2017: breakfast and mimosas with Kati.

Mid-morning snack and blind wines with Abe + new friends at Pascuale Jones (calzone to die for)

Followed by a little Red Hook Winery tour & tasting where Abe and Colin make wines.

Colin pouring some Macari Sauvignon Blanc barrel samples. 

Such a lovely place. 

Followed by more food. This time chicken pot pies and Riesling at Four Horseman. 

Made for CPP. 

The kohlrabi salad was a hit, too.

New friends in from LA. 

Moar wine. 


Back to Abe’s to continue the succession of amazing wines. 

With some super healthy snacks. Caviar dip with salmon roe and ridge chips. Get better.


This was about 7 pm.

Love love love the wines of Enderle & Moll!

I don’t recall this but must have liked it. 

By this point we were onto Italians and, strangely, Muscadet and it was pushing 9pm. 1st day of 2017 and I was sleep by 9:30. #winning.


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