December 31st, 2016.


December 31st, 2015. View from my morning run through the rolling hills of Stanley, Hong Kong.


December 31st, 2016. View from my morning run along the West Side Park, New York.

Literally (my least favorite word of 2016) how far I’ve come this past year. While running this am I tried to digest these past few years into bite size pieces, and here’s what I came up with.

2015 was a year of endurance. One just to get through, and thankfully I did, all the while smashing some marathons.

2016 was a year of indifference. The first 6+ months I threw it all up in the air and kind of said “fuck it.” The second 6 months I spent collecting the pieces and reshaping the path ahead.

2017 will be a year of fulfillment. My goals are clear, the deadlines are hard, and although I’m still slightly paralyzed by the massiveness of what lays ahead, I know it just takes a bunch of baby steps put together. Let the baby steps commence.

Resolution 2016 was to spend more time in China. That I did. Success! It began with a trip in March with Henry and Alex to watch basketball in some Podunk town, a trip to Shenzhen art Village with Peter in April, and finally an epic 3 day camp/hike with Dan in Dali.

Resolutions 2017:

  1. Ace my Master of Wine test June 5th
  2. More customers, more sales, more events with Tribeca Wine Merchants
  3. Be the best maid of honor for my baby sister and wear a smiling face through it all.
  4. Run a full marathon next Fall.
  5. Dig in deeper to New York- more museums, more brunches with my lifelong friends, more exploring, more wine bars and fraternizing among nyc winos.

That’s it for now.

Happy New Year! #2017booyah


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