Unicorns & Other Magical Memories 

This is old news at this point, but worth sharing.

Clinton, Brandon’s twin was in town for the week, so a wine feast of epic proportions was organized to celebrate. The venue: Marc Forgione: the TWM go to for wine dinners. They very graciously allow us to bring wines, and very kindly serve them up blind so we can a) totally humiliate one another, but more importantly, b) look at the wines without judgement. Tonight was one such night.

I had to close the shop this eve, but Ben invited me along after to have a taste after.

Everyone brought a bottle or two. Winston brought DRC. WOOOOT. For those of you not in the know, DRC (Domaine de La Romanee Conti) is one of the most historic, and certainly most expensive, wines in the world. A national heritage of France, this is pinnacle-level Burgundy.  Immensely power yet elegant, there really are very few wines with the profundity of DRC.

This was my first ever DRC Richebourg, and 1996 was an absolutely solid place to start. Boy, was she singing; although in the high pitched tone of youth, as this baby still has decades ahead in her.

Rayas was the lone non-Burg selection. This is one of Ben’s favorites, and always a fun one blind because of the meaty-yet-stalky-yet-slightly-spicy-green character. The 1990 Rayas was absolutely brilliant and at its absolutely glorious peak.

The first time I met Ben we went to lunch at the Tribeca Grill and enjoyed a smoking 2000 Rayas. DRC. Rayas. Not a bad way to start the evening.

There was also an incredibly delicious 2001 Montrachet from Ramonet, another benchmark producer, that was layered and creamy and all things you hope for a Monty to be. It was a bit tight when I first arrived, but at its last sip it was all pillows and dreams.

The Jang-bots upped the Anty with not one, but two Musignys. This, along with the Vosne Grand Crus, is one of the most sought after, highly regarded, and utterly elegant vineyards in the world. There simple isn’t another place like it, and we had 2 of the best producers; Vogue and JF Mugnier.

The bottles above are not only extremely expensive, but incredibly difficult to find, and harder yet not not to drink, as they need years and sometimes decades before they show their true and best selves.  A totally unprecedented line up, that we were lucky enough to smash through on this pretty epic evening. Thanks, guys!

C-bot, come back for a visit soon!

Later that same week, my friend and importer Paul brought me out to a truly exquisite lunch at Brushstroke, David Bouley’s Japanese restaurant.

We each had the three course lunch set, complete with sashimi….

…oysters four ways…

…and mini bento boxes. We also enjoyed a very tasty 1990 Mosel Riesling, the producer of which I cannot remember at the moment.

I believe Brushstroke is closing soon, so get in now while the getting’s good.

That very Friday night I had one of the most memorable and special meals in my New York history. Abe, my winemaker friend (check out Scholium Project), last minute, and very casually, invited me to dinner. I originally thought it was at his place, where he often hosts, but found out later it was at his friend’s very cool loft in Chelsea. How convenient.

Turns out the dinner was with all of his art friends. And when I say art friends, I mean huge players in the business who own galleries and have made careers for some of the most famous contemporary artists.

We spent the evening hearing stories about discovering artists, the early days of the Village, and strangely, about my foray into wine. It was absolutely fascinating, and I just kept asking myself “how did I get invited?”

Abe later explained that it was nice for Peter and crew to have non-art people around, as we aren’t star struck or in awe of these mega-successful and influential people, since we are blissfully ignorant. No mas, I spent the next day googling everyone, and even had one of the artists pop into TWM for a few bottles the next day. Color me thankful and super inspired.

Not only was the company amazing, but equally so was the amazing food prepared by Abe and Peter, and the wine, of which we had a bunch. Grand Cru Chablis and stunning Condrieu? Yes, please.

Summer in the city.


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