The End of Days: Chelsea Edition 

Sitting at the makeshift United lounge at the end of terminal xxx, after being told One Time passes won’t be honored at the convenient lounges (what’s the point United!?), I reflect on my Chelsea bucket list. Fail on all fronts.

See, today marks my last unofficial day as a Chelsea resident. For now.

Gone are the days of walking home from (fucking awesome) wine dinners in the Village. The timing is about as good as it can get though, since the weather is supposedly about to start feeling appropriate. 10 minute walks in the freezing cold are significantly less fun than 10 minute walks in the balmy 60 degree evenings of late.

More on that wine dinner. Sunday night Sarah (above) put together a gluttonous evening celebrating the wonderful wines she represents and some out of this world Italian at Barbuto. Kate has been telling me to get there for the past year, and now it finally came to deliciously glossy fruition. We began with the super taut, nervey wines of Passopisciaro. The chardonnay has long been a favorite for its laser focus and minerality, which was only exacerbated by the fabulous veal pasta (above), and cheesy pillows of gnocchi heaven we started with. Is there a more perfect food? We went on to taste the Passorosso, and two single vineyard (contrada) Nerello Mascaleses which just prove why volcano wines are so exciting. All coiled up with energy and grip, this is spectacular stuff.

After the pasta and bruschetta, we moved onto the Tuscan wines from the same, insanely talented winemaker, Andrea Franchetti. The wines of Tenuta di Trinoro are exceptional. The same thread of freshness defines these massively concentrated and fruited wines. Super alcohol, super fruit, yet not heavy at all, these were the perfect partner to steak, decadently oiled chicken, and incredibly fresh greens.

Sarah wrapped it up with some champagne and tiramisu. Get better. And then I walked my 6 blocks home so I could finish up the last bits of packing.

Peace out, Chelsea. It’s been real.


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