I Eat, They Cook.

Perhaps it’s the holidays, or perhaps I just have epicurean-ly talented friends, but this week has been all about the home cooked meal.


My new colleague Derrick (@dpaezwine) is, in fact, a chef. The next time you need to hire, I suggest you look to a chef. Not only is he super friendly, organized, and hardworking, but at least once a week he brings in some gem, like the one above. Kale crostini with walnuts, pickled onions, and a homemade chili paste from chilis brought back from Korea.


Friday, Robin and Kaj invited me over for a dinner party catch up. They live a mere 5 or so blocks up the street from me, and have this amazing studio in a converted sugar factory. They decided a year ago to lived in various spots around New York for a month at a time, via Airbnb, before deciding on which neighborhood they ultimately wanted to live in. Although Bed Stuy wasn’t choice numero uno, once here they knew they’d found home.


Robin was my IPO wine rep, but we became fast friends over Austrian wines and travel talk. Over the summer she and Kaj decided they wanted to get married, so they booked a flight to Norway and got hitched on the top of a mountain. And it’s been happily ever after since.


Friday I found out girl can cook. Rosemary butter chicken, roast carrots, and a Brussels sprout potato hash, with amazing friends new and old, and delicious Voge Cornas, Isole e Olena Chianti, and various other deliciousities. IMG_7277

A 1 am evening didn’t deter my 7 am run luckily, for Saturday the feast continued on. This time at Chez Sarah.

Sarah has the apartment I want when I grow up (or this June, whichever comes first), complete with plate warmers (pictured below).

Nick, Sarah and I began with some fino sherry and Champagne. I thought I had pulled the Bereche Tradition NV out of the fridge, but accidentally grabbed the Beaux Regards Blanc de Blancs – a 50% more expensive wine. Perhaps that’s some staying-in karma. This is now the second time I’ve served it blind, and both times everyone thought it was a Blanc de Noirs. Interesting, but also incredibly delicious, fresh if not austere, and a superb example of modern Champagne. IMG_7287

Sarah whipped up a little veal, butter shallots, mushroom and potato hash. Although not entirely successful with the veggies/butter, Dauvissat Chablis Vaillons 1er Cru 2013 was still very much enjoyed in all of its malo-y, minerally, freshness. Strangely enough, the last time I had the Bereche BdB we also had Dauvissat Chablis.


We wrapped up with a fresh-out-of-the-oven pear tart and a spicy Vajra Barolo Chinato.


On my way in from my snowy run this am, I remembered that Sarah had sent us each home with a piece of tart for breakfast. This is a solid move that will make you friends for life, and one I am stealing should I decide ever to host a dinner party.  But first, I need a table. #gottahavegoals


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