Done did, 2017 Style 


The difference a year makes. Above, my last run of 2016….

My last run of 2017, a decidedly different view. Ah, Brooklyn….

As I’m going back through my old wine notebooks, scouring for examples for my pending Master of Wine exam, I’m realizing how much has happened in this seemingly very fast and short year. How is it possible it was already two months ago I was emailing Colin, who holds a PHD in yeast, about the significance of yeast choice on texture!? (#spoiler: it doesn’t!).

One full calendar back in the home of the free and brave. It doesn’t feel possible, so let’s have a wee look back at the ________ (adjective TBD) year of 2017.

Countries traveled: 4  -> Austria, France, Italy, & Lebanon

New Cities traveled:  10 -> Rust, Champagne, Piedmont, Miami,  Wintergreen, San Francisco, Bluemont, Beirut, Bekaa, Betroun

Upon looking at last year’s forecast for this year, I realize it has been a relative success, 2017 will be a year of fulfillment. My goals are clear, the deadlines are hard, and although I’m still slightly paralyzed by the massiveness of what lays ahead, I know it just takes a bunch of baby steps put together. Let the baby steps commence. Baby steps stepped, and I ended up quite pleased with the results of my first MW test.

Other 2017 achievements include a really positive year at Tribeca Wine Merchants. I landed my first $100,000+ sale, attended incredible dinners, including a black tie affair at Daniel, met a bunch of celebrities, and more than anything, totally enjoy every one of my colleagues.

Personally, I kept my running up, although a bit more tame than in years passed, saw my family often, and dated a pretty amazing man for a few months. I probably didn’t read as many books as I’d like, or do as much yoga, but you have got to keep some things to work on, hey?

GOALS 2018:

Priority numero uno: SMASH the Master of Wine Stage 2 assessments. I want to walk out feeling like I nailed 90% of the wines, had amazing knowledge and examples for all of the essays, and am able to enjoy a stress free post-test weekend with my family in Napa.

2) Amp up the running just a smidge – 3-5 mile runs up to 4-6 mile runs + 1 long per week – plus more yoga. My roommate is a yoga teacher and has amazing Tuesday / Thursday early classes, so I need to get better about getting out of bed and into warrior 1.

3) Move into my own, (semi)permanent apartment. As nice as it’s been having people to come home to, I need my own space, with my own stuff, in my own chosen location. Semi, because if #4 goes to plan, I’ll be moving into a much bigger apartment with a pool in no time.

4) Get married. Ok, maybe not in 2018, but let’s get that ball rolling…

5) There are lots of exciting things coming up at work. So here’s to all of the new initiatives starting strong.


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