The Beginning.

Airports have become my blog hub, so lucky for you, over the next few months you have a barrage of posts coming at ya. Instead of trying to catch up on an entire month, here’s a look at the last week:

Rieslingfeier. All Riesling (except 1 Sauv Blanc) with a ton of surprises! Donnhoff, Trimbach, Lauer (awesome).  I wish I had my notebook, because my favorites of the day were actually all producers I didn’t know before. 2016 is back to classic.

Highlights include ridiculous cornmeal crusted jam tart breakfast with Sarah, catching up with Abe and Ellie, and some super special pours of 70s and 80s German Rieslings.


Abe, one of my very favorite people, is back and town. As such, let the LES feasting commence.


After some local sashimi, a seared scallop, and a panoply of wine… prawns.


My wine of the night, and a favorite I have enjoyed many times on this very Essex Street, Produttori del Barbaresco. Solid.


Sunday rice. Entertaining was on my mind, but instead this deliciousity was just tossed in the freezer as I was laid up on the couch with the beginnings of a cold. A cancelled dinner and 11 hour sleep later, and….


I met with a wine legend. Mounir Saouma started micro-negociant Lucien Le Moine a decade plus ago, and has henceforth become one of the most in demand winemakers of our time. These wines are ultra concentrated, deeply structured, and most importantly, worthy of massive cellaring. Not only were his wines incredible (HELLO Chambolle Baudes), but Mounir was a wealth of generous and illuminating knowledge.

Drink LLM.

Drink Rotem & Mounir Chateauneuf du Pape. —> especially here!! Burgundy meets Rhone, meets Rayas, meets I just want to drink you all night long.


Megan sent us cookies!! I’m averaging 3 a day. IMG_0175

One of the greatest things about Tribeca is that it is, in fact, a neighborhood. Friday nights consisted of loft tours and ice sculptures in the park, all sponsored by the neighborhood. See me, Megan (the cookie monger) and Dapper Duanedog excited for an early spring.


And it’s also full of lessons and inspiration. When I grow up, I’m going to have a loft. Full stop.

Off to Lisbon. Salud!




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