Kimchee Love & Other CA Musings

This afternoon after a rather frustrating zoom with spotty reception, and series of failed dinner options, I ultimately drew success at Soo Yuan. Warm wanton soup spoke to me in a way shredded generic meat covered in a latex yellow schmear of cheese never could. Listen to your heart my friends, for this was the wisest decision of my day. As I ordered my wonton soup, I noticed a sign on the wall for seafood kimchee fried rice. One of my favorite dishes, albeit confusing to find at a Chinese restaurant, I inquired if it was good, you know, for next time. “Yes, vely good. Vely popular. You come back. 10 min-it”

A slow walk down the promenade (redundant?) to my only Calistoga reference point thus far, Calmart. This is no surprise, as grocery stores are my favorite excursion. At home, abroad, doesn’t really matter where. Here we find the spark notes of culture, and Calmart delivered in spades. 15 milk choices, $8 organic spinach, buckets of citrus, a cheese selection to rival Murray’s, and bread from not one, not two, not three, but at least four different local bakeries. This, my friends, is Napa.

Anyway, I pick up some tempeh and apples and head back through charming downtown Calistoga for promises of soup. As I approach the door, the woman runs from the back up to me, and with a grin, delivers my bag with, “Kimchee. For you to try.”

Day made.

Truth be told, the kimchee wasn’t great, it was sour, but I guess what can you expect from a Chinese restaurant. The wonton soup, on the other hand, was outstanding and lasted me 2 dinner. Asa! I’ll be back Soo Yuan.


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