New Year, New News

Greetings after nearly two years of silence! Here’s a brief catch up of what’s happened in the two-ish years since Napa.

A month in Napa was (not surprisingly) a miraculously restorative inspiration to get out of covid-ridden New York. In fact, it was so profound a trip, PK and I decided to make CA our home. But that would come later.

In May 2021 we went back to NYC. Closed out our apartments…

So we could spend one two nearly three months in Dallas, while PK built a Pressed juice store. 100F heat. Rain for weeks. One car for 2 people. No mas Dallas, s’il vous plait.

Back to NY. Then Napa. Then a majestic four day journey from SF to Seattle (Mendocino, Arcadia, Canon Beach, Crater Lake, Bend), for three glorious, 75F degree months in Seattle.

Post-Seattle was a bit of a meltdown between where to live next; both in NYC for busy season, and then LA for what would be our eventual home. Pete found temporary housing seamlessly in LA. I jumped from apartment

to apartment

to hotel

back to apartments

finally to my parents for the holidays, for months.

Alas, Thanksgiving in LA proved fruitful with the founding of a full time residence in Marina Del Rey. Home at last.

Christmas 2021 we visited Pete’s parents in the Bronx, mine in NJ, and then we packed a 26′ Penske for the journey west. No music, just a map & some highlighters for some good ole roadtripping. Three stops later – Nashville, Oklahoma City, nowhere Arizona – and we cruised into Los Angeles just in time to catch the last sunset of 2021.

In 2022, we cooked a lot, swam a little, hiked a good bit, biked, golfed, and even snuck in a few surf sessions, including a not-so-successful attempt on Thanksgiving morning.

We took our first international trip together for two incredible weeks traveling around Spain (Zaragoza, Pamplona, San Sebastien, Getaria, Rioja for THE most fun & fabulous wedding, Priorat, and finally Barcelona) before I head to London for another shot at failing the MW exam. Super fun regardless as I got to go to my first, and probably last, Prodigy concert with my two favorite Londoners!!

The back half of the year saw more time back in NJ/NYC, a beautiful wedding in Carmel, and a spectacular week in South Africa, where funny enough, 3 months later my brother moved to to shoot a movie for Amazon. If you haven’t been, now is the perfect time to go. There is a new direct flight from Newark to Cape Town (or Atlanta), it’s cheap as chips once you get there (dinner for 4 hungry adults at a cool restaurant, with 2 bottles of nice wine cost $100 usd), and the local economy is struggling so it feels good to go and spend money; do it.

Those are the broad strokes. In the meantime, I’m off for a week in Paris, Burgundy and Champagne…


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