Embarrassment of Riches: The Grill

My two week jaunt to Argentina was such an unbelievably fun, illuminating, and spectacularly delicious holiday, that I am a touch overwhelmed to sit down and try to write about it. So I won't. For now. Instead, read about the ridiculousness that was the Tribeca Wine Merchants annual holiday meal. But once a year, right … Continue reading Embarrassment of Riches: The Grill



Year end happens to be the busiest time of year in wine retail, go figure, and (thankfully) never more so than this, my third December with Tribeca Wine Merchants.  In 2018, instead of having quiet mornings to contemplate the last go round the sun, I was engrossed with work, guests, study, and the occasional (mentiras--> … Continue reading 2018.

Embarrassment of Riches: Christmas Style

December is surely a month of gluttony, gathering, and good times, but maybe just a little extra for those working in food and or wine industries. Between getting together with friends, supplier fueled lunches, and a seemingly never ending cascade of cookies (thank you Brittany, Beth, Anthony, Kristen and Dana!), December has truly been an … Continue reading Embarrassment of Riches: Christmas Style

An Embarrassment of Riches: Cros Parantoux Edition

Friday evening on October 26th Tribeca Wine Merchants hosted the most undeniably special wine dinner (wine lunch is another story...) I have had the pleasure in which to take part. The premise alone is the stuff of legends; 10 bottles of Cros Parantoux, the most mythical and allusive vineyard in Burgundy, dating back three decades. Then … Continue reading An Embarrassment of Riches: Cros Parantoux Edition