I Eat, They Cook.

Perhaps it's the holidays, or perhaps I just have epicurean-ly talented friends, but this week has been all about the home cooked meal. My new colleague Derrick (@dpaezwine) is, in fact, a chef. The next time you need to hire, I suggest you look to a chef. Not only is he super friendly, organized, and … Continue reading I Eat, They Cook.


Moar Lebs: Chateau Musar

There's a reason Chateau Musar has the greatest and furthest reaching reputation of all the wines of Lebanon; it's great stuff.  This was our first stop on our 3 day intensive tour, and it really set the benchmark for what's achievable in these arid soils. We began with a tour through the winery, which avoided … Continue reading Moar Lebs: Chateau Musar


33 rocks. Not only is it a palindrome birthday year, it's also a palindrome birthday date 7/14/17, as Suzi so amazingly pointed out to me. Surely this must mean something. The entrance into my 34th year began with a tap, tap, tap on my foot. At 6:30 am I awoke to find Agustin with his … Continue reading Birthday.