Embarrassment of Riches: Christmas Style

December is surely a month of gluttony, gathering, and good times, but maybe just a little extra for those working in food and or wine industries. Between getting together with friends, supplier fueled lunches, and a seemingly never ending cascade of cookies (thank you Brittany, Beth, Anthony, Kristen and Dana!), December has truly been an … Continue reading Embarrassment of Riches: Christmas Style

An Embarrassment of Riches: Cros Parantoux Edition

Friday evening on October 26th Tribeca Wine Merchants hosted the most undeniably special wine dinner (wine lunch is another story...) I have had the pleasure in which to take part. The premise alone is the stuff of legends; 10 bottles of Cros Parantoux, the most mythical and allusive vineyard in Burgundy, dating back three decades. Then … Continue reading An Embarrassment of Riches: Cros Parantoux Edition