Continuing Naturally

And the weekend progressed on.  After a natural wine tasting (and maybe a couple ciders) I woke up early and feeling fresh.  Say what you will about natural wines, but the bulk of them really do leave you hangover free.  This could also be a product of the gallons of water I consume a day, but why quibble.

Feeling fresh translated into “I need to beat last week’s long run.”  Last week it was mid 20s and cloudy/rainy.  This Saturday was 33 and sunny.  I did beat last week’s run, but I also paid a terrible price for it.  After running Bowen twice, walking up Old Peak Road, and then running home, I managed to clock in 24 kilometers and a bout of heat stroke.  Luckily a 45 minute cold shower and some water helped, and come evening I was almost a person again.


Tom & Caroline Raggett hosted outdoor cinema on their terrace, and what a treat! We toasted Leewin Estate Chardonnay from their recent visit to the Margaret River with delicious grilled sausages and an assortment of salads.  Then it was into red wine territory as we started Back to the Future.  I thought I had seen this movie a million times growing up, but in retrospect I don’t think I ever actually watched it because it was all new to me.  Great movie with some killer outfits.

IMG_0139Sunday was another early get up for no reason other than my body clock is dead set against me ever sleeping in, so I took a ride over to visit Beth in Mo Tat Won.   I had never been to this particular village on Lamma, largely due to the fact that there is nothing there, but what a beautiful place.  It’s like little Thailand where time just seems to slow waaaay down.
IMG_0140Beth is studying for a Masters in gastronomy and is quite the cook. Bacon, grilled halloumi, hummus, pesto covered bread fresh from her kind upstairs neighbor (say that in Sheung Wan) & topped with a runny egg.  Absolutely divine and the perfect lining for a mid morning Asian Bloody.


Bloodies and beaches. 
IMG_0142This is the view from Beth’s front door.  This has me seriously contemplating my ridiculous rent with zero view or sunlight…

And it’s perfect for Bella. IMG_0149

But then it was back to Central for a mid afternoon magnum party at Simone’s because, why not?  We started with some Domaine Chandon Rose (the last bubbles of Champagne week), followed by a quirky wine I picked up at La Cabane a couple days before.  IMG_0151

2014 Domaine Lucci Margaux Blanc from the Adelaide Hills in South Australia. Apparently this was Sauvignon Blanc, but you would never have guessed that blind.  I loved it with it’s almost chalky texture and cider-y lactic notes.  Totally crushable and it felt almost healthy. IMG_0153

We wrapped it up with Kim’s magnum of 2010 Mt. Difficulty Pinot Noir from Central Otago.  This certainly is not Burgundy, but still really enjoyable with a ton of concentrated fruit and pressed violets and chocolate as it opened.

Post tasting I took Molly for a walk with Amy, Abbey, and Max where were continue on with a lovely Friulano from Italy Small Vineyards and a Blaufrankisch I picked up from Roland who picked it up in Austria.

That’s it from the wine journal this weekend.  Spoiler into this week- Lebanese & Syrian tasting Tuesday afternoon and I am currently heading out the door to 121BC for some natural Italian wines….


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